Best 5 wedding decoration hacks that you need to know for a lavish wedding

While planning a wedding we go through so many wedding decoration ideas and when we decide one sometimes it clashes with the other items in the wedding venue. So we have decided to give you the best 5 wedding decoration hacks that you need to keep in mind to get through any calamity.

  1. If you think that the chairs and the tables are not going well with your wedding decoration theme then the best fix is that rent out some of the furniture to replace with the old one. Or if your budget is not helping you out then add the eliminates that can compliment your wedding decoration theme.
  2. If the wedding venue is too large for your intimate wedding venue then to make it look like an intimate one use drapes. Hang the centerpieces low and use round tables.
  3. Do you not like the walls of your wedding venue? The real and quick hack is to use moving wallpapers they will not only give a modern touch to your wedding but it will be a unique wedding decoration idea.
  4. It happens most of the time that the wall colors of the rooms of the wedding venue clash with your outfit then the best fix is to make a contrast. This way you can go out of this problem without any trouble.
  5. The carpet of the ballroom sometimes becomes an issue so the best way to cope up with this situation is to roll up the carpet and rent another one or if you cannot offer to have a new carpet then let the floor be without the carpet.

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