Brides should have this 'wedding planning list' to avoid undesired hassle

In the race of making weddings perfect people often lose track, especially when a bride-to-be takes charge of her own wedding planning. Brides! You need to make a wedding planning list to avoid calamities at your wedding and to make it a successful and grand event. Even if you remember what you ate for lunch five Sundays’ back still you need to make a wedding list as a precautionary measure to keep everything in check.

wedding planning list

Here is your ultimate wedding planning list!

Find Vendors  

During the planning of your wedding, the first and foremost thing is to list down all the best vendors in Pakistan. Luckily ShadiBox has solved this problem and you do not need to go out and burn yourself under the sun in search of the best vendors. Just got to our website book a vendor of your choice and in your wedding planning list (for back up) you can write down other vendors by reviewing their profiles on ShadiBox.

Guest  List

After vendors, your second most priority should be to make the guest list, because a wedding is the only occasion that is also considered a family reunion event and we are sure you do not want to miss out inviting your close (and often distant) relatives.

Bridal Accessories & Dress

The purpose of this wedding planning list is to keep track of all the wedding-related activities and things. Bridal accessories and bridal dress are as important as finding accessories to decorate your wedding venue. List down all the types of bridal jewelry that you are going to wear at different functions along with the type of bridal dress you want in contrast with jewelry.


In this ultimate wedding planning list, you need to write down all the Indian wedding songs that you want to be played at your mehndi or Barat. Start jotting down songs 3 months before and keep updating this list with new songs.

Bridal Emergency Kit 

You might forget about this kit but if you have incorporated this bridal emergency kit in your planning list trust us it will come handy! This kit is very important and necessary to have along to avoid any mishap at the wedding.

Bridal and Makeup Trials 

Make a schedule of bridal dress and makeup trial, include this schedule on your list so that you do not miss any of your trials as these trials are important to make your wedding attire perfect.

Book a car

Make sure you rent a car as soon as your wedding date gets fixed. Add this to your checklist in case you have a feeling that you will forget about it.

Make a wedding planning list by including all the above-mentioned things and make your wedding an unforgettable event. If you have any query related to wedding planning, let us know in the comment section.