Follow these wedding planning tips and have a water-proof monsoon wedding

Having a wedding in monsoon weather is quite a risk-taking task because you never know when your wedding gets crashed by rain. A perfect wedding is when you have everything under controlled and pre-planned so how to perfectly planned a monsoon wedding? Our team is here to tell you all what you need to know!

Wedding Venue

To deal with the rainy season and have a water-proof wedding, you need to book the best Marquees in Pakistan if you are planning to have an outdoor wedding venue because marquees are leak-proof and you do not need to worry about rain. but if you think indoors will be good then you can easily book the best banquet halls in Pakistan through Shadibox 

Wedding Accessories

You need to have a few designated persons who will be having umbrellas for a surprised rain because you cannot predict rain in this season. In this way, your guests do not have to get wet in the rain while walking towards your wedding menu.


In monsoon to have a waterproof wedding does not mean that you have to only look for a leakage-proof wedding venue, in fact, you need to have a food menu that does not get ruined by this humid and rainy weather. Also, make sure that the place where you have placed the food is covered properly.

Follow this guide to have a waterproof wedding in Monsoon. You can find more tips on weddings just visit our website Shadibox