These things makeup artists want brides to avoid on their big day

Your wedding day is actually your big day! A life turning event that will bring change in your life. It is the duty of the MUAs to glam up your look but they cannot do it without your help. Our team has talked to the Makeup artists of top-notch bridal salons in Pakistan and they have shared these following things that they want brides to avoid on their wedding day.

  • NO LAST MINUTE TWEEZING! You are may be an expert at plucking or tweezing your face but you cannot do it at the very last moment as you never know any disaster can happen which can be difficult to overcome.
  • Time is money and the key to your perfect bridal look so do not reach to your MUA after the time of appointment. the best time is that you reach at least half an hour earlier your appointment.
  • Wedding jitters are real but you need to overcome them while you are siting for your bridal makeup. This thing makes MUAs annoyed. A chill out bride that likes to participate and give respect with attention to her MUA is always loved by them!
  • They say if you want to not to be distracted by Social media’s nuisance then you need to stay away from it a week before your wedding day. If you have finalized your makeup look there are chances that you’ll get distracted by another look on the social media and you enforce your MUA to change everything that was decided previously So, SAY NO TO SOCIAL MEDIA!


  • Avoid changing anything last minute. It seriously annoys the makeup artists.

Follow these tips given by the best makeup artist of best bridal salons in Pakistan because A happy bride is all they want you to be. For more tips, you need to visit our website Shadibox


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